. closed work: law on intellectual and artistic works_

. for quite some time, instead of being utilised towards promoting viewers’ freedoms, local intellectual property laws all over the world have increasingly been subjected to lobbying efforts intended for perpetuating and maximising the profitability of the culture industry_

. these laws, which emerged in order to ensure the continuity of the production of their authors at the time when it became possible to mechanically reproduce various cultural products and especially written material, today face being revised before the object-independent mobility aspect of cultural productions that can be expressed in a digital format, and the way in which such products can be disseminated to a wide audience without the need for an intermediary such as the culture industry_

. however, there are efforts to carry out these revisions not with the viewers’ freedoms in mind, but with a focus on the profitability of the culture industry, on a platform from which even the authors are removed. the viewers are not given representation in the course of the changes to these laws; and are instead maintained at a safe distance_

. at the time of this work produced, turkey is on the verge of certain changes being made to the law on intellectual and artistic works which regulates intellectual property laws in turkey_

. even though the constitutional changes had been discussed at length in the public realm; removed from public attention, removed even from the knowledge of the public sphere, a number of amendments which threaten basic constitutional rights and liberties are being “discussed” by certain people!_

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.closed work: law on intellectual and artistic works_
PDF printout of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works: FSEK text copied from the Regulations Information System of the General Directorate of Regulations Development and Publication (http://www.mevzuat.gov.tr/ [3.10.2010]) and converted into PDF through formatting on OpenOffice.org software; plastic spiral-bound on both sides.
16 x 12 x 1,5 cm
.copyleft!_ , .-_-., 2010